Monday, November 17, 2014

Stitch Fix Numero Dos: I'm Addicted. And Fluffy.

Like last month, I'm still feeling a little fluffy, but I'm working on it. The Holiday Pounds Pool at my gym starts this week. It usually starts the week after Thanksgiving, which gives everyone "permission" to GORGE. Holiday weight gain is the WORST:
I applaud the person organizing the Pounds Pool this season. They are making sure we all stay honest and I can get down with that. This is how the Pounds Pool works:
1. You pay $10 cash and weigh-in the week before Thanksgiving.
2. Other people pay $10 and weigh-in. All of the money goes into a pool.
3. You weigh-in the week after New Year's. If you stayed the same weight or lost it you get your $10 back PLUS you split the cash of anyone who gained weight.

I love it. Two years ago, I lost my $10. Last year, I got it back plus $8. It wasn't much, but it was enough to make me excited for this year's pound pool. I'd be more than willing to do a $5 Pounds Pool on the side with any of you, if you're interested! It's the little things.

Onto my Stitch Fix! My second Stitch Fix has got me totally hooked on this service even though I've sent back almost everything. I just love getting packages and knowing there is somewhere out there in the world listening to me even though we're not talking-- I can tell that someone read my feedback from my first fix. I can also tell my stylist paid attention to my Pinterest. I've been pinning slouchy cardigans and almost everything is grey or black. 

Plus, sometimes I get too distracted when I'm shopping and end up spending/buying more than I should. Stich Fix is keeping me honest. Do I really love what's in the box? Because if I only sort of like it, I shouldn't be buying it. There are only five things to look at compared to RACKS. It's nice. 

My first pieces were these grey cords (butt shot!) from Kut From The Kloth and this black sweatshirt with lace on the back from Threads 4 Thought:
Cost: Pants- $68.00, top- $44.00
Likes: Pants- Material (so soft), length, cords; top- sweatshirt material, the lace
Dislikes: The pants were too loose on the thighs, but these are skinny pants I can wear. I'm looking into this brand on the good old' Internets. They will be perfect for this cold winter. Ugh, it's snowing right now. 
The black top had a weird and loose neck. I loved the lace on the back because it kicked a simple black shirt up a notch, but the neck turned me off. It looked like some of my shirts do after I hang out with my niece and nephew for the day and they pull me to them by the neck of my shirt. 
Status: Sent it back.

Side Note: When I saw the brand name "Threads for Thought" I thought, "Oh, that's cool. I wonder what's thoughtful about their clothing." Then I saw the tag: Made in China. I Googled the company because my brow was furrowed and I didn't understand how that could be thoughtful. This is what I saw:

I'm intrigued, but I want to know more, like what is an ethical wage in China? I will follow this company and look for other clothing companies that use the phrase "Ethical Manufacturing" to see what that's all about. 


The third piece was this pretty lil' number from Skies are Blue:
Cost: $54.00
Likes: The lace, the pattern, the sleeves. This top is so pretty. I saw it in the box and thought, "Ooooo, so pretty! Just my style! I hope it fits my boobs!" Tops with no stretch that aren't specifically tailored for me don't usually fit the ladies. 
Dislikes: GUESS WHAT? It fit everywhere but...
...the boobs. The no-stretch fabric flattened my precious boobs down. One sigh or deep breath after running up the stairs and this top would probably split open on the back zipper. Yes, this top even had a back zipper, which is a detail that I always love. DAMN. I'm going to look for something similar for the holiday season-- this top screamed Christmas Eve to me. 
Status: Sent it back.

The fourth piece was this TERRIBLE grey shirt:
Cost: $48.00
Dislikes: HELLLLLLO BOOBIES. Do your co-workers want boobs in yer face? If so, wear this top. Do you want to look completely unprofessional at work? If so, wear this top. Would you like to look like a sausage? Yes? Wear this top. Do you want a mom-lookin' neckline? Wear this top. I enlarged this picture so you could see 1) my commentary and 2) the way this top made my ladies look like one was GROSSLY bigger than the other. Not cool. 
Status: Sent it back. Obviously. 

The last piece was a simple cardigan that I absolutely loved from Pixley. Don't mind the HORRIBLE grey shirt underneath:
Cost: $54.00
Likes: Color, fit, sleeve length, feel of the material and my favorite part-- HIDDEN POCKETS!
Dislikes: Nothin'. I love this cardigan. I'm wearing it right now. 
Status: Kept!

Next month, I asked for a fancy top for New Year's along with some more classic pieces to build my wardrobe. If you want to try Stitch Fix, you definitely should! Just use my referral code, mkay?

Also, I want to talk about the Big Boob-ed Struggle with those of you who get what it's like.
The struggle is real. First World Problems: I can't wear bikini tops that are just cloth triangles and it's sad.

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