Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Favorite Podcasts for Morning Dog Walks

I've been working to get my morning routine down before the depressing gray of winter hits me. There are two things I look forward to each morning: Yoga with Adriene (more on that sometime soon) and walking the dogs while listening to podcasts.

I switch my podcasts up every few months depending on what's being updated on a regular basis. These are the five podcasts I'm diggin' on these fall mornings:

I've been listening to All Songs Considered since my undergrad (lots of years ago now). I used to go to the computer lab on campus, work on a paper, and stream the show so I had good study music. The podcast is fun-- sometimes they have artists take over as DJs, the music always keeps my attention, and Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are a genuine music nerds, always looking for gems to share with listeners. Recently, they interviewed Carrie Brownstein about her memoir and the reason it was awesome is because it was two music lovers sitting down with a musician who isn't afraid to talk about her love of music. Ya dig?

Snap Judgment has replaced This American Life for me. I first loved Snap Judgment because of their Spooked episodes. I like scary stories all year long. It's not just the Spooked episodes though. The stories are edgy and cause driveway moments. Over the last few years, I've heard every episode and now I just listen to the new ones-- those are coming out every few weeks. Sometimes, the episodes are hit or miss, especially when there is a fictional story thrown in the mix. It's still one of my consistent favorites. 

Popaganda is Bitch Media's "feminist response to pop culture" and it releases two types of episodes: Backtalk, in which Sarah Mirk and Amy Lam review what's happening in pop culture that week and what they're diggin' on in pop culture. These are my favorite episodes because they keep me posted on what's happening with pop culture through a feminist lens and because Sarah and Amy are funny. Amy does a white feminist siren that cracks me up every time-- very similar to the misogyny siren I used to play in my classroom when we had discussions about hip hop. I feel like we'd be friends if they lived in the Midwest. Other episodes dive deeper into pop culture topics-- a recent (to me) favorite of mine is about YA books

I started listening to this podcast when I did the Whole30 in September. I love that the whole family is behind this quirky podcast--Michelle, Henry, and their kids are really cute. I'm learning so much about eating paleo, especially when you're busy or think you're too busy to focus on eating what's good for you. When I first started Whole30, I thought people who live a paleo lifestyle were missing something (like bread and cheese, obviously). However, now that I know living paleo makes my body feel good, I need tips and this podcast has some good ones. 

Risk is like an uncensored Moth. Depending on the day, the host Kevin Allison's voice either grates on my nerves or makes me laugh, but the stories on this podcast always hold my attention. Big props to Kevin Allison for that! These are real people taking a risk by sharing stories they never thought they could. It's definitely not something to play in the car around your kids, but it's a great one for walking your dogs by yourself.

I'm glad my motivation to walk the dogs is as simple as good podcasts. Fer reals. 

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