Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tunes for Tuesday

I'm making a concerted effort to post more. Over the next month-ish or so, I've made a vow to get out of my head and back on my blog on a more regular basis. I've been working on several longer posts, but not following through on completing them. This little writing project is for me to get back into my writing habit.

I'll be going back to Earworm Wednesday, which I've decided to rename and move to Tuesdays because I was only posting songs I liked, not annoying songs that got stuck in my head. Plus, every time I thought more about the word "earworm" I got grossed out by the mental imagery.

I'll be posting about movies and shows I've been devouring lately. Master of None, anyone?

I'm going to post some teaching resources too, because I have eight years of pretty good ish and I want other like-minded teachers to have my stuff fo' free.

Maybe I'll do some throwback AOL Instant Messenger/MySpace questionnaires. Do you remember those?!

Please excuse my excessive posting. Or... come along for the ride.

Today's Tunes for Tuesday are from the Dope soundtrack. Pharrell Williams is winning at life even more after writing the songs for the fictional band Awreeoh in this movie AND curating the soundtrack. I've been obsessed with the it ever since we saw the movie a few weeks ago. The movie moved me. The song below, Go Head, is just fun. It's on my workout playlist now and it makes me smile when my day isn't going well.

The other song I loved from the Dope soundtrack (one I've loved since it came out) is Kendrick Lamar's i. A sample from the Isley Brothers and some powerful messages from Kendrick Lamar?Noice. 

Last song from one of my favorite scenes in Dope is Home is Where the Hatred Is by one of my favorite artists: Gil Scott-Heron. I was already happily into the movie when this song came on and the scene won me over completely. 

Have a great Tuesday.

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