Monday, October 19, 2015

Whole30: One Week Later and Still Cookin'

Let's check in on life post Whole30.

If you're just stopping by, here is my Whole30 journey:
Prepping for Whole30
Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four

It's not so different from life on Whole30. My body feels so good that I've stuck to Whole30 since my last day except for last weekend with the Hubs. 

I decided to reintroduce grains and it all went well. I haven't really reintroduced anything else, except for the cheese I went crazy on the other day.
I guess I was testing it out even though I already know that I'm lactose intolerant. I thought maybe the Whole30 had cleared up the lactose intolerance. Just kidding, I know it didn't. It just tasted good. It fed my soul, definitely not my body, and my soul is full. Of cheese and farts.

Thank GOD grains don't make me feel sick! I don't know what I would have done with a gluten intolerance. Now onto my first non-Whole30 sips and bites...
Cranker's Coconut Porter, be still my heart.
Anything Pretzel. 
Beer and a pretzel. My insides felt like the Herbal Essences commercials of the late 1990s: 

What I've noticed the most since ending my Whole30 is that my clothes all fit much better. They were getting a little tight and some of them didn't even fit anymore. I didn't weigh myself or measure any part of my body pre and post Whole30, but let me tell you something. My favorite dress from Senegal (I call it my fertility dress because it highlights my uteral--that's a word I just made up--area) fits me again! It hasn't fit since before I switched careers and started eating all of my feelings. 
Attractive, no? I was just really excited that it fit.
I'm still cooking up a storm from the Well Fed blog. I'm dropping hints that I want both volumes for Christmas. I'd like to cook my way through those. It would also be nice to not have my laptop or phone out when I'm cooking and trying to refer to the recipes. I always feel like I'm going to drip liquid or meat juice onto the screen. 

My next step is figuring out how to be a foodie without hurting my gut. I'm trying to find balance with my eating and calorie tracking and constant yo-yo weight due to the stress levels in my life. I'm trying to get away from dieting for awhile. I've already found one solution for pizza:
Pizza sweatshirt. Boom.
I vow to keep working on this before my whole wardrobe fills up with food themed items! 

Whoops. I took it too far.

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