Monday, June 21, 2010


Two years ago today, I remember pacing around the house for a quite a different reason. We were getting married. It was also raining. And eventually... hailing. We had planned to get married under a big tree in Nate's aunt and uncle's backyard. We kept pushing the time of the ceremony back. While Nate got to greet everybody and hang out at the ceremony spot, I was at my in-law's house impatiently waiting and dancing around to Madonna with mom, brother, and sisters to pass the time. Why Madonna? I don't know. Nate called to say that we could wait another half hour but I wanted to get married RIGHT NOW. We ended up exchanging vows in the garage and it was the best garage wedding ever. Then the sun came out, the band set up, and we had quite the celebration.

As I prepare to leave for Dakar in the next few hours, I am thankful that I have someone so supportive in my life. When I first found out about this trip, I asked Nate what he thought about it. While I was iffy about leaving for a month, he was all about it. When I didn't think I would be able to go to Paris for the last week of the trip, he asked, "Why not?" So I saved the money and wrote a grant. He has encouraged me through all of the late nights of research and hard days of teaching. That's more than I could ever ask for.

In 12 hours, I'll be boarding my plane! Leaving for a research trip on our anniversary. That's so me.

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