Sunday, January 06, 2013

30b430 Update and Revisions!

I haven't revised The List since May. I think it's time for some updates. 

Goals I've Completed!
10 out of 30 complete and as I've said before, the goals I've completed got me out of the biggest life funk I've ever been in. If I stopped working on the list now I'd be satisfied. :)
18. Write at least one chapter of the novel that I write in my mind while I'm walking the dogs. 11/2012
I completed this goal, but I didn't write about it because I wasn't happy with the product. Writing a chapter is harder than I thought! It's done though and safely stored in my Dropbox, thanks to inspiration from Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month).
29. Go horseback riding.8/8/12
I never posted about this goal! This experience went from being terrifying to really cool. I got to spend time with a few amazing ladies, brush a horse, feed some goats, and ride a John Deere around in a field. Haha! I never pictured myself doing any of those things. Here are a few pictures:
Pam, the woman who gave me a riding lesson let Deann and I hang out with the animals before I rode. She said that grooming a horse lets you build a bond with it. 

You can see the fear on my face. This horse was as old as me so I felt like we were meant to meet. I feared she would be as stubborn as me, but we got along just fine. 
In the end, I did it and it wasn't so bad. I could tell that Pam really loves her horses and that appealed to my love of animals and made me more comfortable. 

Goals with a Plan:
I know I'm getting these done sometime in the next five months! 
5. Play the piano in front of people.
7. Have a conversation with a dear Senegalese friend in French or Wolof (preferably Wolof).
9. Pop a champagne cork with no fear.
10. Make leche flan (it's Filipino, it's amazing, and I'm makin' it).
11. Jar or can veggies, pickles, sauce... something.
12. Revised 5/1/12 because I remembered that I'm supposed to graduate in December and my Master's degree is really important to me!!! Get my Master's degree and submit some of my academic writing and then, maybe, you know... get it published.
14. Pay off at least 50% of my remaining undergraduate credit card debt.
15. Sing karaoke by myself in Kalamazoo in front of all of friends.
16. Eat clean for one month.
21. Get chosen Submit applications for one more summer fellowship in another country where I am able to work with youth.
22. Go on a police ride along.
23. Get to 200 blog posts.
25. Attend roller derby training so I can learn the moves.
28. Learn how to drive a stick.
29. Poach an egg perfectly.

Goals that Might Have to Wait Until I'm IN my 30's Due to Finances :(
It's disappointing, but the travel goals are probably going to have to wait a few years. Believe me when I say that they WILL get done. C'est la vie!
6. Visit my family in the Philippines (or at least have tickets booked by my 30th birthday).
8. Visit my grandparents in California.
13. Travel out of the country with Nate.
19. Thank my mom for everything she's done for me. (I wanted to do this by buying her a ticket to California or the Philippines. Until then, I will keep giving her love and props for helping me become who I am today!)
20. Go further into the UP than the Mystery Spot tourist trap and jump into Lake Superior.

Five months until my 30th!

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