Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Potential Race Plan 2013

Hey friends, I've got my potential race plan for this year. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to do so I can register early and save a few bucks. I've applied for a summer fellowship out of the country and on the very slim chance that I get it all of my plans for June and July will be completely different, but I figure that planning is a good idea. I just won't register until I find out in March.

I don't race to be competitive. Placing feels really good, but I'm really just thankful that I can finish a triathlon/trail run/5k/anything. I never saw myself as someone who was very athletic. Thankfully, I've got an amazing group of friends to keep me motivated! Doing all of these things is so much more fun when you are with a group of awesome people. I will never do a big run or tri on my own again. Let me give you a little 2012 fun-review to convince you West Michiganders to join me this year:
 It's always good to finish a race!
My favorite ladies to tri with. It's a blast!

We really just complete triathlons for what comes afterwards. I kid, I kid, it's just a bonus!

The races with an asterisk next to them are races I did last year and will definitely do again.

Indoor Triathlons:
All of these are in my hometown. I do indoor triathlons on my own and don't see the point of driving all over the state to do one. 
*Borgess- February 17
*IronBAC at Bronson- March 23 (My favorite indoor... lots of awesome raffle prizes and massage too!)
*Gazelle Sports- April ? 

Sprint Triathlons:
Most of these are within 30 minutes of home. The ones that aren't are planned vacations. 
*Double Time- June 1
*Tri Goddess Tri OR South Haven- June 23
*Inter-Rockin (Or maybe my first Olympic?)- July 7
TRI Allegan- Late July, evening race
Shermanator- August 3
*3Rivers- August 17 (My favorite and hardest outdoor in 2012)

Open Water Swims:
A major goal I have this year is to swim a 5k!
Swim to the Moon (5k swim, hopefully I will find enough people to to the 5k Team)- August 11
Physically Strong (2k swim)- Late August

I'll throw in some 5k runs and other fun runs whenever I can afford it. Runs are not my first priority. I will probably do the Color Run again depending on how many people will do it with me!
Hurt the Dirt (10k)- April 27
Timbertown (10k)- Early August

Here are the websites I use to come up with my training plans:
Beginner Triathlete 13 Week Plan and 16 Week Plan- For Sprint Triathlons
Tri Newbie 18 Week Plan- For Olympic Triathlons
If you have any other suggestions of how to put together training plans or good FREE resources, please let me know! 

Also, let me know if you will be participating in any of these races OR if you know of fun ones in the area or state that I'm missing out on. 

Happy training! My hope this year is to stay injury free. 


webberd said...

We have to do GR Color Run this year...the Ann Arbor one changed dates and it's the same weekend as my 25k!

I'm doing Inter-rockin'. Not sure what other tris though!

do_it_ajen said...

I'm down for GR and I'm thinking maybe the Olympic at Inter-rockin' if Tina does it! Let's hope those guys with the fireworks have calmed down for 2013. :)

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