Thursday, October 16, 2014

My First Stitch Fix

As promised, here are my thoughts on my first Stitch Fix.
It came early-- the day I got back from a camping trip feeling dirty and bloated.
I don't even want to talk about how crappy I'm feeling in my skin right now and how I did NOT feel like trying on any clothes. Over the last few years of triathlons, I've always taken a little workout break in September. The problem with this summer is that I only did three triathlons and I still took the same break from working out. I also took a break from caring about what I eat. Hence, I feel like poo.
My gut is hanging over my pants, people. It is not pretty. It's not even the gut. I just feel gross. Plus, I tried to swim my usual one hour swim today and it was hard. I'm not even looking at the scale. I just want to feel good and not sluggish. 
So yeah, I'm up about seven-ish pounds, but my stylist (oooooo, I feel so upper class) Austyn has good taste and I want to show you what I got in my Fix. Plus, all of the colors and styles are straight from my Pinterest. Nice one, Austyn. I feel like you care. 

My goal was to get five high quality pieces between $50-$100, buy one that would up the ante on my wardrobe, and send the rest back. Let's examine what happened when I faced the actuality of receiving pieces that were in that price range. 

My first piece was the Beautiful Jeans

My second piece was this grey Olive & Oak sweater:
Cost: $68.00
Likes: Color, chevron stripes, sleeve length
Dislikes: Bottom, looseness of the upper arms/armpit, material too thin to wear without a tank top underneath so why pay $68 for a sweater that doesn't keep me warm? Also, I bought an Olive and Oak top for work at T.J.Maxx this summer for $16.99 so it was really hard to be all about the cost of this sweater. 
Status: Sent it back.

My third piece was this Market and Spruce sweater:
Cost: $48.00
Likes: Color, fit, bottom, sleeves, the material (felt really nice on my skin), the ability to wear it for work and casual situations
Dislikes: The horizontal stripes. Dammit. I loved this sweater and I would have bought it if it didn't have the horizontal stripes. I have never liked horizontal stripes. They make my boobs look like they're too single and ready to mingle.
Status: Sent it back.

My fourth piece was this Daniel Rainn silk top:
Cost: $88.00. 
Likes: The color is lovely and looked awesome with my skin and hair. 
Dislikes: Cut (looked maternity on me), the tab sleeves, the boob pleats, and the price. The last time I was in NYC for work, I got a lovely silk top with a similar, but less maternity-esque cut from Uniqlo for only twelve bucks. I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't wear it enough to make it worth $88.00
Status: Sent it back.

The last piece was this Papermoon pleated skirt which I was really pumped about:
Cost: $58.00
Likes: The length, the pleats, the color, the swishiness of the skirt when I turned around
Dislikes: The material was paper thin and you could see my undies. Because the cloth was so thin, the pleats got SUPER wide around my current Buddha gut and it just looked bad. Bad, I say. 
Status: Sent it back.

The Verdict: 
I changed my Stitch Fix Style Profile prices to "the cheaper the better." I say I want to up the ante of my wardrobe, but I also can't spend that much on pieces that I won't wear very much. Now I know. I'm am sad about the horizontal stripe sweater. That is one I would have worn a lot if it had been without the stripes. 

Yes, I sent everything back, but I'm still doing this again next month. It is well worth the $20 price tag, especially because I'm trying to find my style and figure out what I really like and want in my wardrobe now that I've gone through The Purge. One of the best parts of this first Fix is that I got these neat little cards with outfits on them:
I'll be looking for styles and outfits that are similar to what were on these cards. I know I can create outfits like this on my own with Polyvore, but I like the feeling of someone else with skill doing it for me. These outfit ideas and cards made the $20 bucks well worth it for me. If I was in a phase of my life where I felt pretty good about my style, I wouldn't use Stitch Fix. 

We'll see what happens next month. Until then, I will be on the lookout for ankle boots, a shirt in the blue of the expensive silk shirt, and a swishy skirt with pleats in a thicker material. Thanks for the style help, Stitch Fix and Austyn with a "y".

I am not being paid by Stitch Fix to write about the company. I just like it. Please do a cheap girl a favor and use any of my Stitch Fix referral links from this blog post if you are thinking about trying it out so that I can get some referral credit on my account! *gingerly swings toe in the sand with hands behind her back after asking you to use her referral code. 

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