Saturday, January 03, 2015

Why, Body, Why?!

I've had the last two weeks off and I've spent them being sick. 
UGH, so frustrating. I had plans for this break, but my body just decided to shut down on me. I haven't been able to work out except for some gentle yoga and I think I've been taking four naps a day. How is my body going to adjust to going back to work?

The worst part about this sickness is that there doesn't appear to be any medicine for it. I went to the doctor twice and both times she just said in no uncertain terms, "Buck up and wait it out. It's a virus." REALLY?! Nothing? Not even a placebo. Not even cough syrup for my hacking cough.
There's nothing like starting a new year feeling totally unhealthy and like there is no way you will ever be healthy again. I've never been sick for this long. I was a three-days-of-feeling-horrible-and-then-feeling-back-to-normal kind of sick person. Maybe getting into my 30s means being sick for inordinate amounts of time. 



So, this is my first blog post of 2015. Seems like a promising year, eh? 
Hope all of you are in tip-top shape! Seriously, I do. 


RockStarTri said...

Feel better.

BTW: if you think getting into your 30s means being sick for inordinate periods of time, wait - it gets worse.

do_it_ajen said...


BroJoe said...

Actually,I have to say, the thirties aren't bad at all, you just have to adjust.

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