Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tunes for Tuesday: Holidaze

Today is the day I decided that I can stomach some Christmas music. It started with this in the car on the way to work-- thank you oldies station!
Lou Rawls was rockin' my damn world with this song this morning!

Then I got to work and put on my favorite Christmas song of all time, which I post on this blog once a year:

It's been unseasonably warm outside and I'm not complaining. However, I haven't been in a Christmas-y mood. We have no decorations up and I didn't do cards this year. I'm not feeling it. Plus, we didn't take one good picture together this year. And postage is expensive. And I'm lazy. And the state of our country is upsetting me. And, and, and...

Trying to remember this during my holidaze:
[source unknown]
New posts outside of my favorite tunes coming soon!

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