Monday, July 15, 2013

Inter Rockin' Race Report and a 2k Swim

Last Sunday, I won Athena Division at the Inter Rockin' Triathlon for the second year in a row
Last year, I wrote about how I'm proud to be an Athena athlete and I still feel that way. I'm curvy and athletic and I love it. 
This summer has been a little difficult as far as my weight. I've been pretty stressed out due to my summer job and find myself eating my stress, but then I feel myself riding twenty miles to blow off steam and I know my old self wouldn't be able to do that. There's comfort in that!
Back to the race. 

The swim was my fastest yet. Last year's swim time was just over thirteen minutes and this year I came in at just over ten. The bike was smooth, but the run was ROUGH. Last year, I came around twenty-six minutes and this year, I came in at twenty-eight and a half. It was so hot and humid that I felt light-headed and almost passed out near the end. My feet were swollen and fell asleep after the first mile. Longest 5k ever! 

Despite the rough run, I beat my time of 1 hour, 23 minutes by two minutes!
Final time, 1 hour, 21 minutes. 
My favorite group of tri friends! 
 Three days later, I swam my second 2k race of the summer. Perhaps I'll swim the 5k or even 10k next summer? 

Despite my busy schedule, I'm making time for summer training and I'm having fun. I'm gonna keep moving at breakneck speed. Why not? 

Training schedule for the week:
Monday: 45 swim
Tuesday: 77 bike
Wednesday: 31 run
Thursday: 14 swim, 28 bike
Friday: 14 run
Saturday: 19 swim
Sunday: 37 bike, 19 run

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Kristin Miller said...

Great job! I love lap swimming, but I fear open water swimming because I'm a space freak ;-)

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