Static's Favs

Below are my top ten favorite posts of all time-- a great place to start if you want to know what I'm all about.

1. On Being a Thirty-One-Year-Old Married Woman with No Children in the Midwest: I still feel irritated about this!

2. 30 Before 30: It changed my life.

3. On Getting Rid of My Too Many Clothes: The shock and horror of purging my closet.

4. On My Students Making Me Angry: Aw, the memories of teaching.

5. Favorite Post from Senegal, 2010: The School of the Street-- rocking my world years later.

6. On Not Being the Freedom Writer's Teacher: Pet peeve alert!

7. On a Seance I Attended After My Dad Died: Lots of writing to read, but still a good story!

8. On Being Unladylike and Not Giving a Shit: Yeah, I don't care about being ladylike.

9. On Quitting Smoking: Ugh, that took forever!

10. On Loving Liz Lemon: I want to be her.

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