About Beautiful Static

Hi, I'm Jen.
Warby Parker superfan since 2015.
My blog is called Beautiful Static because I like nature and over-thinking things. Here's the story of the name. I live in Michigan, so I'm used to naked trees in the winter. One day in college (circa 2002) when I was over-thinking life I had this thought about trees and TV static... when you drive by a grove of those naked trees and stare at them for long enough the trees and the sky begin to look like static. So the name comes from nothing extraordinary, although I've found that you can make anything interesting (a long car ride, a naked tree, the bleary winter sky) if you think about it for long enough.
Just stare at it for a really long time like one of the 3D photo posters. Just do it. 
Or maybe, I had--as Ted, Marshall, and Lily from HIMYM would say-- eaten too many sandwiches in college. C'est la vie. The name stuck.

These are just some of the things I like and like to write about:
1. The Hubs, otherwise known as my PFL (that stands for Partner for Life, y'all).

 2. Our rescue dogs. These sweet dogs are my babies.
Rest in Peace, Sweet Hannah: 2000(ish)-2015
Nipsy, Nipsers, The Nips, or Puppy Head
Louis CK, Lulu, Mr. Bighead, or Bubba Face

3. Travel, when I find the opportunity.
A highlight of my life, 2010: I went to all of the locations from the movie Amelie and ate creme brulee at the Two Windmills. 
Playing with kids in Senegal, 2011.
Read about my experiences in Senegal here.
Playing at Red Rocks, 2015
I'm currently exploring the United States... it's part of my awesome job! I never got to do this as a kid, so everything (like Niagra Falls) is new to me!

4. Music. There is always a soundtrack to my life. I love live music. 
The Hubs is a musician and that makes me a Band Wife (I prefer BDubs)
Live music: Lord Huron, one of my favorites, September 2015

5. Working with crazy and lovable young people.
I was a teacher and now I work for a non-profit youth-serving organization. Now that I've been away from the classroom for almost two years I can finally write about it. 
Old and good times. 

6. Trying to be athletic.
I used to look like this.  After a few years of hard work and habit changing I don't. I think about it a lot.
Read about the struggle here. 
Yoga is a new obsession for me, especially Yoga with Adriene. I've done yoga nearly every day since January 3rd, 2015.
I'm still riding after my 30b430... thanks to friend I became a sponsored athlete through the Rudy Project in 2015. 
Won first place Athena in August 2015 for the third year in a row! 

7. Good Times, Good Food, Good Friends.
I like adventure. I love good food. And my friends make my life more fun.
32nd birthday banana car ride!
A medium rare NYC burger... cue Homer drooling sound.
A Pinterest win with one of my favorite people!
Questions? Ask!

Want to see more of my writing? Check out my top ten favorite blog posts.


Unknown said...

Am currently living in Dakar (been here 2 months) and was feeling a bit homesick for the Midwest, so I googled "homesick in Senegal..." ( homesick *for* Senegal? Close enough, Google... Close enough.) Also a trained teacher but I ran outdoor ed programs and camps in Michigan for the better part of 5 years before getting my masters degree and deciding to sell off everything and move to the other side of the world. Would love to chat with you and get the scoop on what I need to see/do and such since I'm here. Would just be nice to chat with another Midwestern 30-something who appreciates the beauty of Dakar... Sarabethbrown79(at)gmail

Unknown said...

Hi Sarabethbrown how are you I want to chat with you and thank you

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