Saturday, March 05, 2011

Let's Have a Toast for the Band Wives*

*Band Wives, or BDubs, refer to any person of any gender who is involved (married or dating) with someone in a band. They are, in essence, married to the band. You can say "Band Husband," or BHubs, if it makes you feel better. 

Band wives. They are so under appreciated. They are a beautiful kind of person. 

Let's have a toast for the band wives.
They sit at shows from the time the band starts until the bar shuts down. Sometimes they have their friends with them. Sometimes their friends don't want to go because they've already heard the songs 1,000 times. Sometimes their friends go just because they are awesome.

Speaking of that, they make their friends go to every show with them. Band wives have really good friends; friends who will go see the band and dance every time. These Friends know the lyrics as well as the Band Wives.

When they are in bars where smoking is still permitted, they let their clothes and hair get seeped in raunchy cigarette smell.
They also usually smoke and are perpetually trying to quit smoking.

They let the band practice at their house for years and years while the band expands, shrinks, and morphs into something better every time.
They can fall asleep while the band practices because it's taken years of mental training.
It's actually offensive when the band doesn't practice at the house.
They take pictures of the crowd at a show because they feel so proud.
They know the relationship status of everyone in the band because they want someone to hang out with when their Friends don't want to can't go out.
They understand that their partner is really passionate about music.
They support that and don't give their partner too much ish about it.
They are the band's biggest fan.
Let's just touch on the good Friends thing again, because that is what really helps Band Wives get through the loneliest weekends and the occasional "I'm Lonely" bitch sessions. 
Having good friends is key to Band Wife-dom.

They are always at the front of the crowd dancing because they truly love the music.
Speaking of dancing, they are always the first ones dancing.
They deserve an extra toast for that.
They enjoy waking up to a thoughtful text sent a 4 a.m. because it lets them know everyone is safe.
They will work the door or sell band merch when no one else wants to do it. 
They brag about the band and how well it is doing.
They understand that the band relationship is like a romantic relationship and they don't get too annoyed... when they get annoyed they just talk to each other and know it's not a big deal.
I mean, let's be honest. What would a band be without the Band Wives?
Band Wives are so devoted, they don't even mind if their partner plays at their own wedding. 
It takes a lot to be a Band Wife. What can I say? I give mad props to the BDubs.

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Alyssa Moon said...

I love you Jen! You are an amazing band wife, not to mention all of the other things you do that make you so totally awesome. :)

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