Saturday, July 07, 2012

Reflections on the Athena Division

Hey y'all!

I got back from the breezy and wonderful lake today to 106 degree weather! Crayyyyy!!!

I'm heading back up the mitten tomorrow for the Inter-Rockin Triathlon at Interlochen State Park. I'm looking forward to this triathlon because it's a big one and I have a small chance of placing because when I signed up I decided to try the "Athena" division. I'm giving up my age group placing to compete in the Athena division because I weigh over 150 pounds and I figured I'd give it a shot.

Since I'm a triathlon newbie I didn't know that some people don't like the "Athena" and "Clydesdale" categories because it makes it seem like it's "skinny people" vs. "fat people." I've read some message boards about it and some people seem very touchy on the subject of these divisions. There was a lot of heated conversation on some of the triathlon message boards between Athenas, Clydesdales, and "fit people." Okay. We are finishing triathlons. We're all fit. Whatevs!

Listen. Look. I'm just going to put it out there:
I am 5'10 and I weigh 170 pounds. I am built for endurance, not speed. I have awesome blood pressure, my skin is glowing, I have a normal body fat percentage, and the doc says I'm no longer overweight or (eek!) obese like I once was.  Let's review, shall we?
Unhealthy Highest in 2008: 205 pounds after knee surgery + a bad haircut. 
Unhealthy Lowest in 2009: 155 after Weight Watchers once or twice a week, no exercise, one carb a day, smoking to curb my appetite, and obsessive food journaling. I would yell at the Hubs when he brought something home that wasn't an "approved food." I was cray like the weather right now. 
Unhealthy Yo-Yo-ing in 2011: This picture was taken right before I quit smoking and started swimming at 200 pounds. This was the result of a rough school year with teaching and grad school. Weight loss isn't sustainable when you're always depriving yourself and making yourself feel bad.  
Healthiest ever (3 weeks ago!): I am more active than I've ever been, my knees feel all right, I don't freak out when I eat a piece of chocolate or drink an IPA, and I'm working on not eating my feelings. Will I always be this weight? Who knows? I feel the best I've ever felt about myself, I'm trying new activities and foods,  and I want to sustain this. 
I'm never going to be under 150 pounds and I can finally say that I don't care, as long as I'm healthy and I feel good.

So I'm going to mark the box that says "Athena" because I'm a badass and I'm not fat. I'm fit and I'm awesome! Why not mark it?


I hope I place this weekend! Good luck to everyone who is doing anything active this weekend. Stay hydrated because it's gonna be a hot one. :)


Kristin Miller said...

Awesome post! I love your honesty. I have the "bad days" the "scary days" and the "okay days". Thankfully I'm sustaining the okay days currently, balancing diet and exercise!!! You rock, good luck on the next race!

Crystal said...

Wow! This post made ME feel good! It's awesome that you put your weight and height out there - I'm 5'9" and 178lbs and I will also NEVER be under 150, and when I was 155 everyone was worried for me (they were well right to be!).

Anyway, I ran in the Riverbank Run in 2010 and my friend said something about Clydesdale or something like that, and I was just thinking 'I ran a 5k! Good enough for me!'

Good luck tomorrow, and your attitude is inspiring!

do_it_ajen said...

Thank you ladies!!! I've always struggled with my weight and I'm sick of it! I'm trying to go into my 30s next year with more body love. :)

Brittany SSP said...

Good job! The number on the scale is really NOT as important as many people make it out to be- the important thing is to be active and healthy.

Sarah said...

You look amazing!! And you sound the happiest I've ever heard too! I wish we lived closer so I could try some of these new activities with you! Big x's and o's you are amazing~

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