Saturday, December 26, 2015

Planning for Whole30 #2

Today is day four of family Christmases and I'm feeling homesick for my well-stocked Paleo kitchen and what has become my mostly Paleo lifestyle. I went a little off the rails over the last few days, that's for sure. 
I'm still working on figuring out being Paleo while traveling and during major holidays. I definitely failed this year, but I'm not beating myself up about it. My body is beating me up without my brain even trying! Those sugar cookies and cakes were delicious, but now my joints hurt and my gut is rotting. 

Since my first Whole30 in September, I've stuck to mostly Paleo eating, although I did welcome gluten back into my life, so it will be a little bit of a struggle when I part with it for thirty days to start my second Whole30 in January. I'm looking forward to starting on January first, this time with other people! My sister is doing it again as well as a few of my good friends. I love having accountability partners. 

The key to a successful Whole30 for me is planning. I'm someone who delights in putting plans together-- when someone says we have to have a planning meeting, a feel a wave of excitement come over me... yeah, I'm one of those. I spent the morning on my favorite blogs planning out my January. I've detailed my plans below. 
Pantry and Fridge Prep: Bye, bye beer. I have to check my fridge and pantry and make sure I have everything! I've been sticking to mostly Paleo cooking and eating since my first Whole30, so this time around it isn't going to be as expensive to stock the fridge and pantry. I stock up on Thrive Market, at Costco, or our co-op. I bought a membership to Thrive Market on Cyber Monday because I've found that I reorder from them every three-four months. 

These are my staples:
Coconut Aminos (I have this leftover from the last Whole30-- I only used it once. I will see if I can use it up this time around!)
Eggs- From the co-op. I usually buy two cartons a week.
Dates- I get giant containers from Costco
Coconut Butter (for those times when I want to eat a candy bar, coconut butter in a date suffices)
LaCroix (I have a love affair with LaCroix-- Curate are life)

Recipe Prep: Like many Whole30er's, I "discovered" Mel Joulwan's Well Fed and Michelle Tam's NomNomPaleo recipes on my first Whole30. I will be sticking to them for this second round. 

From Well Fed:
I love Mel Joulwan's recipes and her idea of a weekly cookup, where you spend 2-3 hours prepping most of your food for the week. I'm not a fan of getting home and making a whole meal. Below are the recipes I'm making again or trying for the first time during this round of Whole30. 

Making for the freezer:

Ranch Dressing (first time)

Options for cook-ups:
Spaghetti Squash (round two, I am not a fan but I will try it again)
Beef Stew (I make this so much, but I love it when it's cold outside)

Cook on the spot for dinner:

From Nom Nom Paleo:
The Nom Nom Paleo podcast is one of my favorites. I've learned so many great Paleo tips from listening to Michelle's and Henry's family. 


Options for cook-ups:

Cook on the spot for dinner:

Let me know if you have any favorite Whole30 recipes and I will put them on my list! 

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