Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Year of Thirty Days: Whole30 and Yoga Camp Halfway Point

Let's start with Yoga with Adriene's Yoga Camp. I'm on day forty-five days of non-stop yoga and I feel awesome. My back feels good, my joints feel good, and I even flew in crow pose for longer than five seconds. This thirty day Yoga Camp has been an amazing challenge so far! A new video every day this month gives me more of a reason to jump out of bed each morning. I post daily on instagram, so please check out @jheymossy for more details on how it's going. Here is one of my favorite posts from the last few weeks:
A year ago, I wasn't able to do this for very long because my hips are always tight. I'm very proud of this! Also, I do yoga in my pjs every day and not super cute yoga outfits. Just tryin' to be real! 

One thing I'm working on is putting in the time to meditate in savasana, or corpse pose. I've been extra anxious lately about a host of things, so this is an accurate portrayal of what my savasana turns into:
I'm working on it! 

Whole30 Check-In
My second Whole30 is going really well. I didn't jump too far off the deep end and into old habits after my first Whole30, so I didn't experience as many of the side effects of going off sugar this time. It's been pretty amazing this time around. I am really feeling the importance of making the right food choices this time. Here is my second Whole30 in a nutshell:
I look forward to cooking and prepping meals and most important, I'm not obsessing about if I'm losing weight or what my first meal after Whole30 will be this time around. I'm decidedly not weighing myself anymore. My clothes fit, I feel good, and I don't need the number to be lower to make me feel good about myself. It's freeing. It probably won't get me a lot of blog hits because I don't have before and after measurements or pictures. If you could scan my brain though, you'd see some vast changes! 

Also... I'm also thinking about buying a side of beef from an organic farm in the area. From Miss Vegetarian in college (who mostly subsisted on cheese and pasta and bread) to now... weird. We have a chest freezer, so it seems like a more economical way to get my grass fed beef. That ish is SO EXPENSIVE. 

Also, I tried the RX Bar Whole 30 pack this month:
I LOVE these bars! Although I'll always keep my favorite Cherry Pie Lara Bars on hand, the protein in these compliant bars can't be beat. I'm so busy that I love having these in my purse for emergency situations as opposed to the Lara Bars, which curb the hangry, but not enough. Highly recommended, despite the price. So far, I've had the pumpkin, apple, coconut, and sea salt chocolate. Coconut and sea salt chocolate win over the pumpkin and apple. They had kind of a potpourri taste to them, you know what I mean? However, I'd still eat the pumpkin or apple in an emergency. 

Other Whole 30 Things I Can't Live Without this Month:
Well Fed 2 (thanks again #teamreycer)
Lacroix, Lacroix, Lacroix (or the Target Brand Lacroix in mint cucumber. New fave)
Soups and stews of all kinds to beat the winter chill
My Whole30 support group chat with my friends and sister
Wholly Guacamole minis from Costco 
Pre hardboiled eggs from Costco
Costco. Period. 

What are some of your Whole30 staples?

Last thing... what does it mean when you say you're not drinking and everyone is shocked? It means everyone asks if you're pregnant. Hmmmm, what does that say about me?

I might go full paleo or paleo(ish) when this Whole30 is over. I'm really thinking about it. 

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