Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Pregnant Pause

Seriously though, how many bloggers have used this title to explain a long pause in their posts because they were pregnant? Probably a lot. 

I posted this on my personal Facebook on Friday: 

This whole expecting-our-first-child-thing is very exciting and something I've wanted to blog about for so long. If you know me, you know that's a long time to keep my mouth shut. I was carried away by the anxiety of "what-ifs" for the first trimester of this pregnancy. Then twelve weeks came and went and I thought maybe we'd post something about this on social media at thirteen weeks, then fourteen, then... ? I really enjoyed telling people face-to-face throughout the summer. Here I am today at 22 weeks. More than halfway there! 

There is so much to say about pregnancy-- from weird cravings, to body changes, to adventures dressing yourself when pregnant. My focus right now is my old demon of food and eating changes. You think you've got your disordered eating together after years and years of figuring it out when BAM! Pregnancy hormones! -__-

My other focus right now is trying to really and truly figure out my work-life balance. Basically, I have none. This summer I was so freaked out by being pregnant that I was trying to make Big Life Changes like a madwoman. Let's sell our current house and buy a new and bigger house! Let me find a new job where I don't have to travel so much! Let me get my book to my editor as soon as possible so it will come out before the baby is born since I won't have any time to write it after the birth! Let's change everything about our current lives since it's going to change so much in February that we should just rip the band-aid off and do it to ourselves now! You might guess that none of those things happened because naps. 

So the summer was a little bit of bust because I couldn't do much and I was working like it was my job times four. Although I wasn't very sick during the first trimester, the summer heat made me feel gross and I subsisted on soft serve vanilla cones. I worried about every twinge or lack of twinge in my weird and changing body. 
My life all the time, but especially this summer.
The best thing that came out of this summer is the renewed admiration I have for the Hubs for just being him. I'm very anxious and he's very patient. I love him. He even put in a taller privacy fence on his own this summer with no help from me. I looked at the post hole digger and was like, "I'm tired."

Feeling more like myself again, just big. Starting a thirty day yoga challenge tomorrow. I'll post daily on Instagram and write a wrap-up here. 

Peace and love to everyone still reading this little blog! I just started really feeling the baby move over the last week and since this is the first time I've settled down all day it's like a dance party in my womb. 

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