Friday, July 08, 2011

Exiled: Kalamazoo Teenagers Edition

If you have never seen or heard of the show Exiled on MTV, watch this:

If it doesn't work, click here: Exiled... the most annoying show in history.

Every experience with students involved comes with its ups and downs. I've talked about the many ups, but now I'm going to talk honestly about a huge down for me: Sometimes I feel like I am living with the kids from the show Exiled. Here are some of the things I hear every day at least once and my usual response:

Student: It's SO hot here! UGHHHH!
Me: I know, and it's because we're in Senegal, which is a country in West Africa. It's usually pretty hot when you are by the equator.
Student: What?! Why is there no microwave? I wanna heat up my food!
Me: It's probably because we're in Senegal, which a developing country in West Africa. There aren't any microwaves in our neighborhood.
Student: What?!? There is no stove! How are we supposed to cook!?
Me: Well, we cook on a propane tank, which is what happens in Senegal.
Student: Why does this restaurant only have six things on the menu?!? Why is it taking so long? I'm hungry now!!
Me: That is what happens when you don't have industrial sized everything in your restaurant, which is usually what happens in Senegal.
Student: Where is the McDonalds?
Me: There is no McDonalds here.
Student: There are so many bugs here! Ugh, I'm gonna die!!!
Me: Yes, and that is because we're in Senegal, which is in West Africa. If there weren't bugs I'd be worried. You're not going to die. Calm down.
Student: Ugh, the power is always going out! I want to charge my iPod!
Me: It's probably because we're in Senegal, where the electricity is often going in and out. That can happen in a developing country.
Student: Why do we have to eat fish and rice every day for lunch!?! It makes me wanna throw up!
Me: Well, in Senegal, you have to eat something that will sustain you. That can happen in a developing country.
Student: Ew, your feet are dirty. Ugh, why are all the roads made of sand?!
Me: Well, it's probably because only a few of the roads are paved, like many of the places in countries like Senegal, which is in West Africa.
Student: It smells here!! Why is there trash everywhere?
Me: Well, who would pick it up? The Senegalese government can't pay for that.
And on, and on, and on. There are some things I can't type here.

Understandable the first two days. But now it is occurring every day. Every. Day. Thank goodness it is not from every student at the same time.

And the reason I keep saying Senegal is a country in West Africa to the students is because many of them are constantly referring to Senegal as "Africa" when Senegal is one of 54 countries on the continent of Africa. Note: Africa is not a country.

We'll get it some day. Until then, here is one of the many moments when I haven't wanted to shake a student by the shoulders until they understand what I'm talking about :)
Cooking together... I was just watching and then eating.

Cleaning up our wall so we could cover it after the graffiti workshop.

Troubleshooting the installation of the water purification system.

Being silly at Mame Yelli Badiane

Overlooking Dakar from the African Renaissance Monument

Drinking Baobab juice... mmmmmm

I'm telling you, I'm going to sleep for days when I get home. 


P.S. What? You wanna hear about my personal Exiled moment? Here ya go... it's my calf:
Wahhhhh, why do the mosquitoes like me so much?


Mr. Weber said...

Yes, those are our kids. I recognize the whining and complaining. They're too used to our culture of immediate gratification. Hopefully their time spent there will give them some perspective on need vs. want.
I'm following you, Jenny from the block! Keep yo' head up!

Mr. Weber said...

Oh my gosh. I just watched the trailer for that exiled show, and now I hate American culture. (Even more, I mean...)

do_it_ajen said...

I wish I could tell you that things are getting better, but I've got nothing for you. A few of the kids are being really cool, but I'm a little bit ashamed of the rest of them. Oh well... live and learn.

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