Thursday, July 07, 2011


This trip has had a lot of ups and downs so far. Mea, one of the Kalamazoo students, has been experiencing a lot of homesickness. She is the youngest member of Urban Youth for Africa and she is experiencing a lot of things she's never been through before. Here is a poem she wrote yesterday. It might give you a view into what she's been going through here.

The Way It Is
by Mea
And this is how we live our
day most of the time
the day end with pain.
Momma gone, no one home
to take control of the throne.
Daddy please, please pick up 
the phone I wanna tell you
about all the stress that's goin' 
on at home. 
My family is jus'
like the movie man why is we
home alone not one but
two and if you listen this one
can be for you
wakin' up, hopin' they will never
live to see this
What? good questions man no pen
CPS don't come and take us away
that's why I gotta fly and
save my pride but guess
what we lived to see this day
livin' in this foster home is
how I'm goin' to live way
F*** the days they like
birds when the sun go
down they fly away
And it like MVP is all I see
Man why is jealousy takin' over
the best of me the rest of
me what the f*** is left
of me.
Imagine me
on t.v.
Then here I go
I close my eyes and I
slowly cry.

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